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The MPHA needs your help!  We are currently updating our database and hope to have it accessible from this site soon for our members. If you have a registered horse that has been gelded or is deceased, please fill out this FORM and return so we can update our records.  There will be no cost to update your records. Thank you.

The next MPHA board meeting is scheduled for 3/15/16 (Tuesday) at 7:00pm at the Menifee County Health Department, Frenchburg, KY.


MPHA will be hosting MPHA / ACTHA Arena Obstacle Challenges in 2016.  All purebred MPHA horses myst be registered by 6/1/2016 to qualify for KBIF points.  Go to ACTHA.US to signup. KBIF points are only for purebred nominated horses. To inquire, please contact Robin Little-Basil here.

 Welcome to the MPHA. The Mountain Pleasure Horse is the oldest gaited breed in North America.  The MPH has been proven to be the parent breed of all North American gaited breeds including; Rocky Mountain, Tennessee Walking Horse, American Saddlebred and Kentucky Mountain Horses. We are a non-profit organization registered in the state of Kentucky and dedicated to the promotion, breeding and development of the Mountain Pleasure Horse. Our goal is first to preserve the bloodlines of the Mountain Pleasure Horse, then to build their population. We issue registration papers not to sell these horses, but to certify they meet the stringent criteria of the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association (MPHA) and to encourage the breeding of the rare and endangered Mountain Pleasure Horse. 

Our new website was created to offer more up to date information for our members as well as preserving the historical information about this heritage breed.  Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you will check back often as we will make updates frequently.

Click Here for Important MPHA Policy change regarding Breed Registry Books Effective 4-01-2014

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 Exciting News!

The Mountain Pleasure Horse is now listed on Wikipedia!  Thanks to Board Member Cyd Blakslee for undertaking this Herculean task!  See the page HERE

MPHA has qualified for the Kentucky Breeder’s Incentive Fund for 2016! See information HERE