Note: Please check back often for additions and updates.  Remember, you must be a current member of MPHA and your horse must be Kentucky bred and foaled to qualify.  Please contact Robin Little-Basil via email if you have any questions.  Best of luck to everyone!

KBIF_Detailed Information

2017 MPHA KBIF Award Winners list

KBIF Horse Nomination Form

KBIF 2018 Horse Nomination Form

A KBIF Horse Nomination form IS REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED BY JUNE 1, 2018 along with $10 fee TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS

Kentucky Breeder’s Incentive Program
2018 Overview

Award Distribution Plan for Mountain Pleasure Horse Breeders Incentive Fund 2015-2017 How to earn points and distribution of funds:Nominated, purebred Mountain Pleasure horses will earn points by competing in eligible MPHA (Mountain Pleasure Horse Association) affiliated competitive trail or obstacle challenge classes in Kentucky and the United States. Points and distribution of funds will be determined using the following scales:

Place: Points:
1 200
2 175
3 150
4 125
5 100
6 75
7 50
8 25
9 15
10 10
Participation 5
Distribution of funds:
10% to Sire standing in KY of participating horse
10% to Dam of participating horse
80% to participating horse foaled in Kentucky* in the event Sire or Dam is deceased, that % will go directly to the participating horseAt the end of the season (Jan 1st-Nov1st), the top five scores of each participant from approved events will be totaled for the final, end of the year, score. The top 10 point total winners  from each of the two divisions (youth 7-15 yrs and open 16+ yrs) will be eligible for awards. In the event of a tie,  scoring (including pluses) will determine the final ranking. The total award money pool will be distributed 70% to the open division and 30% to the youth division. 5% of the total award money will be taken for the association (MPHA)  for Breeders Fund competitive trail challenge/obstacle challenge classes. Total $$/division will be divided by the sum of the points/division, yielding a dollar per point value.Example:$1000 total KBIF award $$.$1000.00 –  70% open = $700 30% youth = $300Total points for open division to 10 places = 1000$700/1000 points = $0.70 pointIf high point open winner had 800 points x $0.70/point = $560.00The KBIF $$ division would be the following:5% MPHA for CTC/AOC – $28.0010% stallion (sire) owner – $56.0010% mare(dam)owner- $56.0075% entrant horse owner – $420.00The MPHA (Mountain Pleasure Horse Association) has partnered with ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) to provide a minimum of eight (8) Competitive Trail Challenge (CTC) and/or ACTHA Obstacle Challenge (AOC) events in Kentucky for Mountain Pleasure Horses to compete for award points. These events will be Judged by certified ACTHA Judges and will follow ACTHA’s most current event rules in print. The MPHA will provide a link to these rules on the MPHA website.